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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (Hosoda, 2006)

Really sweet, interesting entertaining, and well made – Japanese animation is the best! There’s really nothing I disliked about this movie, but it’s not perfect. I always enjoy films that deal with some form of time traveling. This one isn’t … Continue reading

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L’argent (Bresson, 1983)

Watched this one a few months ago, but the subtitles were so poor that I had trouble following it. After downloading .srt and .sub/.idx films from everywhere, all of which were incorrect, I ultimately gave-up. Recently, it came to my … Continue reading

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Orphée (Cocteau, 1950)

An interesting surrealist picture, with a mesmerizing and dreamlike film-scape. Some great effects: characters floating, moving though mirrors, etc.. Didn’t know enough of the story of Orpheus, though, to really get into the narrative, and certain parts are a bit … Continue reading

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