It Follows (Mitchell, 2015)

It Follows

The camera tracks vacancy, moral discontent, death of the sanctity of sex: the anguish of feeling empty inside. Sex and death and the loss of self. Perspective is found in its finale: succumbing to a moral loss of spirit and trading one’s soul by means of depraved prostitute shopping is the ultimate low the film is searching for. A literal expression of inner aching, unrequited desire, and fatigue, the film comments on vulnerability and loss of innocence, a generation of perverts in crisis confused in facing their simple existence to fuck and die. At times, it falls a little bit too much into its own generic classification, using aspects of genre out of ease rather than necessity as a form of expression.

84/100 – Great

4 Stars


About Kamran Ahmed

I have a Masters in Cinema Studies from the University of Toronto. I work as a freelance writer and film critic in Vancouver. My writing is primarily distributed through Next Projection, an online film journal based in Toronto.
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