Mother and Son (Sokurov, 1997)

Mother and Son

A veil upon which reality is traced, augmented, and distorted just such that the uncanny is revealed, penetrating pyschological depth. Sokurov’s iridescent cinematography as usual brings life to nature, rendering striking three dimensionality while conveying the mystic phenomenon of object breathing. Colour coursing and vignetting paired with natural phenomena: the mother and sons breath, the wind, the sunlight. A haunting portrayal of tenderness and grief, only slighted by its own intensity and psycho-sexual discomfort.

95/100 – Amazing.

5 Stars


About Kamran Ahmed

I have a Masters in Cinema Studies from the University of Toronto. I work as a freelance writer and film critic in Vancouver. My writing is primarily distributed through Next Projection, an online film journal based in Toronto.
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