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Brief thoughts on Hou

There’s something quite awkward, even unrefined in the long takes of Hou’s more languid, observational films, especially those regarding youth culture, and yet this restrained approach to the quotidian somehow has an inescapable power of attraction. At times bizarrely mundane … Continue reading

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Millennium Mambo (Hsiao-Hsien, 2001)

An eerily evocative atmosphere is drawn via the contrast b/ween hyperactivity and introspection, energy & its absence. As with most HHH, the film gains power in retro-activity. It is a cinema of accumulation wherein each minute piece of the quotidian … Continue reading

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Goodbye, South, Goodbye (Hsaio-Hsien, 1996)

Captures Hou’s transition from nostalgia for childhood to nostalgia for youth. And those roads!! And those songs!! His films capture with such grace a time in a person’s life. Through nostalgic eyes, they look back and melancholically appreciate the simple … Continue reading

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